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Anime has a reputation for energizing and encouraging its viewers. Many people have been helped to get out of bed in the morning by the universe of 2D characters, whether through a brave message or its inherent, fleeting escapism. However, only a small, elite group of people were able to do so on a consistent basis.

They foster society’s more serious flaws and vulnerabilities, allowing their characters to develop into more complete individuals. So here’s our list of the best anime for self-improvement for fans who need it and those who just want a good recommendation.

Academia: My Hero Academia

Almost all Shonen series revolve around overcoming increasingly difficult challenges while striving to be the best. Despite this, few shows have had their lead characters start out as frail and decrepit as Midoriya Izuku. He is the true heir of the One for All, a powerful ability that can provide him with incredible strength but also harms him due to his birth defect.

He must develop both the intelligence and agility to deal with villain threats in the absence of his ability, as well as the strength to fight on two fronts while retaining his power. Deku is a true underdog who constantly inspires those around him.

Ping Pong: The Animation by Masaaki Yuasa

If there was a sports anime that truly emphasised dedication and hard work, as well as a profoundly intimate yet potent sense of emotions, it could connect with everyone out there.–1f/–1f/–1f/

It describes some competitors’ journeys from a basic community centre while highlighting the stories of other competitors competing in tournament play. Yuasa’s high-octane, stylish action and emotive caricatures are an added bonus that helps this anime truly give the impression that it is evolving. You can watch it for free on Animiplay.

Kaiji: The Last Survivor

Since Kaiji, the main protagonist has been trapped in the centre of a society in which there appears to be no hope for the poor. Those who have a serious gambling problem, in particular. This is in contrast to battle shonen or sports anime, where there are always heroes for the main characters to look up to.

But all of this is part of the act’s enchantment. Despite everything that has been thrown at him and the problems that he creates for himself, Kaiji works hard not only to survive but also to improve the lives of those around him. He fights to open new doors and opportunities for himself, despite the fact that his gambling problems are to blame for where he is.

Onizuka is an Excellent Teacher

In contrast to other shows that have a teacher mascot encouraging their students through everything, GTO is known for having a master who is more than willing to fall backward and lower to meet his children in the eye. Its manga can even be found on mangaowl.

Onizuka, a guy looking to leave behind the long runs of gang life, uses these lessons and a few nasty techniques to keep his pupils on the path to success and educate them to value what they have, believe in themselves, and, most importantly, learn to deal with the challenges of daily life. Despite his snobbishness, Onizuka has taught many people the fundamentals of life.

100 Mob Psycho

Mob’s faith is based on his belief in the greater strength and joy of those around him, and he works hard to integrate into that community—not because he is a monster, but because he is just an awkward middle schooler trying to figure things out.

All of these stories are excellent for self-motivation or for people who enjoy watching stories in which the protagonist overcomes adversity.