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Remember the last time you were stuck in the middle seat of an economy class while traveling a long distance? Or the food you were offered that you plainly refused? These are the thoughts that strike our mind when we think of a class of an airline. Congested seats, not-so-appealing food, unwelcoming cabin crew are some of the things that can add up to an unpleasant flying experience. Despite the undesirable feelings that most travelers hold for the it, we are still bound to travel on them. That is because the first class of an airline can easily cost you a fortune! For these reasons, airline carriers have engaged in a healthy competition and raised their standards of the this class. Evolving with the needs of the time has helped these airlines to bring the best services for their passengers.

Below are some of the airlines that have stood out for providing an excellent service on their economy class flights.

1. Asiana Airlines

Since 1988, Asiana Airlines has stood out for being global, catering to the customers’ needs and providing them satisfaction. From a warm welcome to an enjoyable inflight experience, they are the best providers of economy flights. The comfortable seats, innumerable entertainment options and facilities for the handicapped and infants make the airline stand out from all the rest.

2. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airline is a fine choice for long haul flight. When it comes to their economy, the airline has gone an extra mile to ensure you recline and have your private space when traveling. The comforts of the seats are matchless and so are the foods offered. The New Economy Class of the airline provides you the optimum level of leisure and comfort. They ensure you are a happy traveler!

3. Qatar Airways

From the smile that warms your heart to the seats that provide comfort beyond description, the economy class of Qatar Airways excels in every manner. It won’t be your usual experience as you’ll find enough space to stretch out, eat and relax. The airline’s economy class caters to the needs of businessmen too, giving them a chance to stay connected to the globe.

4. Garuda Indonesia

SkyTrax has honored the airline with an award for the best economy class, since the services and comfort are matchless to any other. For long distance traveling, the airline is ideal as it offers the best seats, enough room for leg space, an option to recline your seats and get entertained with a wide range of programs and movies. Their dining experience can’t be compared to any other. You’ll find yourself being overwhelmed by the choices of Indonesian, Western and Asian cuisine offered on the airline. The cabin crew of Garuda Indonesia looks out for their customer in the best possible manner.