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It is difficult to leave the house for an incredible holiday, as the gloomy eyes of your pet look up, pleading with you not to leave them alone in the house! As holidays, hotels and airlines start to take care of pets, many people are fond of traveling with pets. A number of pet friendly hotels even spoil our pets with turn down services, personalized beds and gourmet treats. Other airlines even provide a regular flyer mile for the pets. However, prior to vacation arrangements, it is essential to organize yourself and your animal for the road ahead.

The initial step in arranging a trip with your pet is to know how the needs of your pet are going to be taken care of. It will be convenient for you to employ a sitter or board your animal so that he/she can also enjoy the travel. Carry all the necessary things you will need during the journey. There are numerous pet friendly accommodations you can find plus there are also a number of holidays with dogs. Make sure the place you want to travel to, has a veterinary doctor close by, but it is also advisable to carry a first aid kit with you when traveling. The pet should also have a tag to make it easy to track him/her when lost. The kennel you will use during the journey should be comfortable and in a good state. Visit a doctor prior to your journey to ascertain that the pet is in a good health status and is vaccinated against rabies.

Tips for traveling with a pet:

o Before making your booking make sure the airline does not have any restrictions that will inhibit you from traveling with your pet.
o Make sure you visit a vet before traveling. A health certificate is very mandatory and most countries require you to have one to allow you enter their country.
o Look for a pet friendly holiday which accepts the size of animals you have carried with you and have special programs specifically designed to meet your needs.