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With the ever increasing oil prices, public transport modes are being preferred by people for both, long and short distance commuting. Train travel is obviously the most preferable public transportation option, because it is economical, timely, and safe.

As a matter of fact, it is the best commuting option for business travellers, especially those who have to adhere to strict schedules. Well, here are some effective ways that will help save serious money on your train commute.

Booking Tickets Early

Well, it may not seem so flexible at first, but if you know about your forthcoming business conferences or meetings, then it surely is the best option for you. Normally, the train seats become available 12 weeks before the date of travel. So if you’re a frequent commuter, it can help you save your money and efforts as well.

Online ticket booking sites offer cheap online train tickets to Birmingham and other connecting cities. However, train operators generally allow customers to book their train seats till midnight before the date of travel.

Get the right Season ticket

Season tickets are the best option for frequent train commuters to travel on cheap fares. Yet it is important to find the right season ticket for your commute, which is why you will need to buy them only after considering both your timings and destination.

Also, if you have a long vacation coming up anytime soon, then the better idea for you would be to not buy the season ticket. More likely, you will end up not using it at all. Before buying season tickets, then make sure that you will use it everyday, until its tenure lapses.

In terms of destination, ensure that you don’t get a season rail ticket that connects all the stations, for example all London routes or station that you never use. To make your commute affordable, you should always get the ticket that only covers your preferred stations or routes. That way you will end up paying considerably lesser.

Split your Season Rail Ticket

Though it may sound a little weird, you can also reduce your train travel price by taking the connecting trains instead of direct ones. Split your ticket from home station to some major station along your route, and then from that point to your final destination.

If you visit websites of some of the best bus transport services like the Red spotted Hanky, you can actually calculate how much money you can save by splitting your travel. They also provide mobile apps for Android, Windows, and iPhone smartphones. You can simply download it and start searching your preferred train time, costs, seat availability, splitting options, special offers, and so on.

The splitting of route option is mainly useful when your end-to-end trip is not done during the peak hours. Don’t forget to check if you require a peak time train ticket only for a second half of your voyage. You will need to do a bit of research to come up with the right combination that can not only help you save money, but also not cause too much inconvenience to you in the process.

Check Before you Book Return Tickets

Rather than booking return, firstly check if you can buy two singles to make your trip more affordable. So, while booking your train tickets next time, always look for the single trip fares, and then compare it with the return ticket fare. Then, you can choose the option which works out to be cheaper to you.