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Over time, there was a continuous development in the world of solar energy, nuclear power, smart grid, electric vehicle, railway transport, aerospace, aerospace, and navigation. Therefore, this trend has increased the requirements for power equipment performance. Recently, the first generation of silicon materials are approaching the originally determined theoretical restriction. The third generation has a wider bandwidth, electronic saturation, and thermal conductivity. This article describes a new type of material called silicon carbide ceramic. In addition, we will specifically explain the applications of silicon conservonies in various industries. Please check the details.

As far as possible, silicon conservonal micks are the most mature choices. As a matter of fact, many of the indicators are much better than silicon. For example, the bandwidth is 300 % higher. Apart from this, the theoretical operation temperature of this material is 600. Let’s talk about the various uses of this material.—Tips-To-Pass-Exam-2022-/blob/main/

Electric car

These modules are sustainable and can have intelligent, low -carbon, and green development, so the advantages of this material are mainly reflected in the following three aspects.

  1. Simplification of power networks and increased frequency
  2. Raise temperature and reduce losses
  3. Improving efficiency and reducing volume

As far as power conversion, components created by silicon CAL carbide can help improve performance. In the electric model, the active load -containing ingredient is the electric motor. The rotation speed of these motors is different. Therefore, these motors require repeated acceleration and acceleration during the driving process. Therefore, work conditions are more complicated than the speed adjustment system.

Transmission system

If you have a silicon -based device, the best choice is a switch created from a carbonized silicon. This is because the resistance of this material is very low. Therefore, it is an ideal option for applications that involve high frequency and temperature.

The problem is that this material can reduce power loss by up to 500 %. In addition, you can reduce your weight and size by more than 40 %. Therefore, it helps to have a positive impact on the grid configuration and adjustment of energy strategy.

Solar energy field

If you are looking for advice that can be used with solar inverter, carbide silicon is an ideal choice. The size is small, the cost is reduced, and the efficiency is much higher. Usually, these inverters conversion efficiency is about 96 %. However, using silicon carbide can increase efficiency to 97.5 %. In other words, these devices help generate 25 % of power losses. Apart from this, these inverters can help greatly improve conversion efficiency.

LED lighting

Recently, LED devices that use carbide silicon are becoming more popular. The problem is that these LEDs can be much brighter and costs up to 50 %. 200 % brighter than other types of lights.

Similarly, they have 10 times the thermal conductivity. In everyday life, this type of lighting can be applied to various types of environments such as color display devices, information screen, indoor lighting, and signal lights. The problem is that they help them reduce pollution and cost.

In short, these are four use, silicon conservonal carb it in various industries.