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Many people would love to have a career as a video game tester. Have you seen the movie ‘Grandma’s Boy’? It looks like an awesome job! But are jobs like that really out there or is it just a scam? Many people hear about scams like these and dismiss this job as being non-existent.

And whilst 80% of jobs sent by email or posted on the Internet are scams, the good news is that 20% of them are real. And yes, you do get paid. The even better news is that you don’t need any previous experience, only a love of playing video games. All console platforms such as Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and even PC require testing.

So Who Pays for the Video Game Testing?

All companies require their games to be tested, whether they are new or still in beta testing mode. The reason? If they don’t get tested, then errors, glitches or bugs may occur in their games. Did you know that before Halo 3 was released; over one thousand testers were required to test the game? A small glitch could cost millions of dollars to gaming companies. As a result, they need gamers like you and me to test them and of course, they pay for our time!

How Can I avoid Scams and Get a Real Opportunity?

The best way is to ask around. Join forums and gaming communities and interact with other gamers. Check video game developer websites and look for vacancies. One must also remember that you should not pay for the opportunity to test a game. After all, you are providing them with the service!

The thing that you need to remember is that you will struggle to make it to the big gaming companies initially. If you receive an email or offer, chances are it will be a scam. Why? Big companies will not risk their million dollar launches on a new video game tester. The most common job will be for some low key company with a small budget and small pay. You will need to work your way up the ladder, but the long climb can definitely be worth the wait!