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Men’s fashion is much more conservative than women’s fashion, so there aren’t as many options for diversifying the wardrobe of the strong half of humanity. Leather belts are a small but important accessory that can be found in luxury leather goods. It can speak about his owner’s status, as well as his sense of style and ability to present himself. As a result, you should approach the selection of a belt with caution, because it can be handmade leather belts, as well as be able to correctly combine it with trousers, jeans, and other clothes.


Before making a decision, it is important to understand the various types of belts for men. They can be divided into three major groups. Consider each of them to determine where to focus your attention.

These are gold or silver belts with a simple open buckle and no decorative elements. They are intended to be worn with formal pants. Their width is typically between 3 and 5 cm. They are typically made of smooth leather in solid colours such as black, dark grey, brown, coffee, or beige.

A classic leather men’s belt is essential for maintaining trousers as well as business ethics. So, if the trousers have loops (holes for inserting the belt), they must be worn with a belt.


All belts worn with casual clothing, such as jeans or chinos, fall into this category. These can be made of leather or fabric and have a smooth, ribbed, or embossed surface. There are no hard and fast rules regarding texture, width, or colour. The buckle can be opened or closed with decorative elements.

Belt loops are commonly found on sports trousers or pants. Belts made of fabric or rubberized materials are designed for such models. Their width is usually around 4-6 cm, and the colours can be bright or muted, but they are usually monophonic. The buckle is mostly closed, with the brand logo on occasion.

A leatherette belt is the least expensive option. However, such a model makes sense only if the belt is hidden beneath a jacket or jacket and is only needed to support trousers. Leatherette is a rough material that quickly loses its lustre.

Eco-leather is a more successful material for a men’s belt. It is elastic and wear-resistant, and its appearance is nearly identical to that of natural leather. If you want to buy a beautiful and elegant accessory, go with genuine leather. The type has a large influence on its quality, appearance, and price. Consider all types of leather carefully.


Pig leather is the most affordable and widely used natural belt material. Its appearance is entirely dependent on the dressing; the thinner it appears, the more profitable it appears. Among its shortcomings is its porous structure.

Bull or Buffalo Hide Leather

A product made from such leather will be slightly more expensive than one made from pork. The material is tough and resistant to abrasion. Buffalo leather is frequently embellished with burning, rivets, and embossing.


Leather that is soft to the touch and durable. Calf leather belts keep their original appearance for a long time – creases and cracks do not form. It’s frequently used to imitate expensive exotic leathers like crocodile or snake skin.