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This topic has shown the correct ways to store furniture at home or in warehouses designated for storage.

When should you store the furniture you have at home?
When you decide to leave from your current home to your new home, which contains new furniture as well, you must do the process of storing the furniture in a safe place
When you refurbish some items in your luggage, you should stock up on the old ones.
When you and your family travel to a place for a short period of time, you must store and clean the furniture before storing it so that it does not suffer any harm.

What happens to the luggage when we neglect a woman?

The chemical reactions that occur between the particles of the materials from which the baggage is made with the air and water particles, these interactions cause the entire baggage to erode, so it is not suitable for use.
The arrival of the wood weevil to the luggage is one of the major problems, because the wood weevil feeds on the wood and therefore will eat the luggage slowly. You will not notice this at first, but after a certain period you will hear some sounds and see the luggage collapse in front of you.
The paints on the surfaces of the furniture may be damaged, so you need to repaint them again, and you will lose some money in that matter.

How do you start storing luggage yourself in the simplest and easiest way?
First, you have to unpack all the pieces of the luggage, but I have to be very careful not to lose pieces, whether they are connecting pieces such as nails or basic pieces but small in size, try to collect all the nails in a container so as not to lose anything of them and remember how the pieces were grouped together so that you can return Install it again.

Do the next thing that a furniture storage company does, which is to clean the furniture completely from dust and from spider webs well. You have to wash the pieces that you do not mind washing, then knock the furniture until it dries well and you can use drying tools.
Bring some cardboard so that you can put sensitive pieces such as crystals, chandeliers, and breakable dishes in the carton, but before you put them in the carton, you must wrap them well with some fabrics or bags designated for packaging, and you can find them in electrical machinery stores.

After that, wrap the large pieces of wood with bags or papers to protect them from scratching or the like, and after you wrap them completely with papers, tie them with strings to ensure the safety of the carton, then bring a vehicle equipped for transportation! The word “equipped” means that the car is very safe on the luggage, so that it is a closed car and is characterized by flexibility while walking on the roads, and also that it is a spacious car so that it can charge all the existing items only once, and its wall must be for the interior made of prominent wood so that it can install the pieces Big on it so the car is ready for transport.

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