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And before you can think of anything else, you’ve booked your flights and are preparing for the trip of a lifetime.

The constant urge of sitting on a mesmerizing beach keeps you on your toes until your departure date. You’re excited at the prospect of a few weeks off work, excited at the prospect of having some time off from domestic duties. But, sadly those things that trouble you throughout your daily life aren’t just going to disappear as soon as you get on a plane. Those troubles and worries are confined inside your head, and you can’t leave them behind unless you leave behind the box they reside in; you!

Those few moments you spent flicking through attractive brochures was just enough time to be able to concentrate only on imagining yourself on a sun lounger (mojito in hand, perhaps?). For that moment, I bet you weren’t worrying about work or bills, were you?

“It is easy to forget ourselves when we contemplate pictorial and verbal descriptions of places. At home, there are no reminders that those eyes are intimately tied to a body and mind which will travel with you wherever you go.” – Alain de Botton

de Botton proposes, as long as the body in which our minds and eyes are confined is with us (which it will inevitably have to be in order for us to travel, or rather be alive, in the first place!), we are never free from the anxieties of the future which we strive to get away from. Many people seem to travel to ‘get away,’ – to take a break from monotonous life and to have some time away from worrying. He describes us as ‘complex creatures’ where observations take place. Observations of, say, the white sandy beaches in those thick, glossy brochures; observations of, say, white sandy beaches which are only a tiny fragment of the ‘multifaceted task of living.’ Whilst going through the brochures, we allow ourselves time to imagine being there, without a worry in the world. The reality of actually being there is much different; it is consuming, plus hectic and the happiness we imagine we will be feeling there, can only last for a moment before new patterns of anxiety form and our minds start to wander back to the work presentation we have to give when we get back.